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Conservation Realist is a podcast-newsletter that highlights real conversations for better environmental conservation. It’s based on inspiring yet practical insights from folks doing good on-the-ground work to actually make change happen. It’s motivated by the reality that conservation as a sector needs to make meaningful changes to improve how it operates - both in terms of how effective and ethical it is.

Each week, I’ll be sharing a new episode. Most will be conversations with colleagues whose work and mindsets I admire, and each month I’ll also include an episode where I delve into selected topics that I feel are particularly important. And there will be a monthly newsletter where I present a deep dive a bit more formally.

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I’m a freelance conservation consultant who works to advise and guide conservation organizations on more mindful, effective implementation of projects. I have studied and worked in conservation since 2003, with extensive on-the-ground experience as a researcher, project manager, educator, and evaluator. You can learn more at tswhitty.com and keiruna.com!

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I'm a conservation consultant who believes we need to embrace conservation as a human process. I'm glad you're here!