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Dear Tara , I am Hein Sam . I was really proud for studying in Myanmar Coastal Conservation Lab point B . I think that I joined 2018 to 2019 as a junior Conservation association . I got a lot of experiences and training in this organization . In this movement , I studied not only conservation but also creation for natural protection . So , I enjoyed working at MCCL. It gave me opportunities to change mindset and power . Therefore , I never forget MCCL because it give me a lot of chance to study in research field . I wanna thank you our leaders , MCCL teams . In this episode , your transcript

is exciting for me because I understood power and empowerment in conservation . I will waiting for your next episode

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Thank you so much for this comment, Hein Naing San! You're my first comment on here!!!

It was wonderful to have you on the MCCL team in those early days. It was a great opportunity for all of us to learn together!

I'm so glad that you enjoyed working with MCCL, and I appreciate you following this podcast.

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